Things to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Tulsa

When a person is accused of an offense, their first step should be to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Tulsa to ensure their rights are fully protected. A competent defense attorney can work to protect the client’s interests and vindicate them if they’re innocent. The criteria in this guide can help potential clients find the right law firm for their needs.


Trust is a crucial element of the attorney/client relationship. Clients should be able to confide in their lawyers but, in some cases, an attorney may make little or no effort to build a case. Before hiring a lawyer, a defendant should do their own research and talk to the attorney’s past clients if possible. Finally, the potential client should schedule an in-person consultation with the attorney to ensure compatibility and reliability.

A Good Professional Relationship With Court Personnel

Defense attorneys should have good working relationships with the area’s judges and courtroom staff. It may be beneficial to go to an open court session to watch the lawyer work. Some attorneys are more well-respected than others are, and the firm a client chooses should be held in high regard. The court’s perception of a lawyer is perhaps more important than his or her win and loss record.

Prior Experience

It’s a little-known fact that law school doesn’t fully prepare an attorney to go into practice. Criminal defense is a very complex area, and new cases are decided each day. An experienced lawyer can put the pieces together and use past results to ensure new clients are treated fairly and given a chance to prevail in court.

Negotiating Skills

Not all criminal cases require trials. Every day, people are charged with crimes where guilt is not disputed, and prosecutors often offer plea deals or reduced charges. It is essential to hire lawyers who have the skills to determine whether a guilty plea is in the client’s best interests.

Call a Lawyer Today

Hiring a reliable lawyer can give a client a greater chance if they have to take a case to trial. These trials involve numerous complex strategies, and precise timing is important. From deciding whether to have a defendant testify to the process of selecting a jury, a defense lawyer should have the training and experience needed to give his or her client a chance at success.