Manhole Covers: Sizes, Badges, and Locks

The size and load classes to choose for your manhole covers depend on their application. Installing a manhole cover or replacing an existing one involves measuring the space to make sure it fits perfectly. A manhole cover that does not fit perfectly compromises the structural integrity and could fail no matter the load class.

Measuring the Size of a Manhole Cover

It is important for manhole covers to sit comfortably over the hole they are covering. That is why you must measure the hole’s inside dimensions instead of the manhole cover itself. To ensure the accuracy of the measurement, take it in millimeters. After getting this measurement, look for manhole covers that suit your application. You have many options out there, especially for plastic manholes. Manhole covers are available in sizes that vary by manufacturers.

Kinds of Manhole Covers

Below are the different kinds of manhole covers you can choose from:

  • Ductile iron. This manhole cover is solid and dependable. It won’t corrode as quickly as cast iron. In fact, it also does not brittle. Because of the material’s long lifespan, it is perfect for installation in docks, airports, and other heavy-duty industrial areas.
  • Recessed. This manhole cover has a cut out in the tray to allow the installation of brick paving, screed, and cement. This way, the recessed manhole cover will blend in with its surroundings. This is useful in pedestrian areas where the aesthetics matter. Also, a recessed manhole cover is a great solution for hospitals, workshops, and domestic gardens where property owners do not want their manhole covers sticking out.
  • Solid top. This type of manhole is designed to be prominent in the floor. Usually, they are installed in areas where they need to be seen for safety and maintenance purposes. This manhole cover is often a visible cover that has an anti-slip surface. Depending on where they are installed, a solid top manhole cover can also be raised.

Kinds of Badges and Locks

If you need your manhole locked for added security, your manhole cover can be installed with a locking mechanism. Just ask your supplier at the time of ordering if your cover needs locks.

The manhole can be badged to tell workers what is accessible within it without having to open it. Making badges clearly visible on the manhole can save valuable time and effort in the future. Just ensure to ask when you order your manhole cover if you need it badged.

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